Do you need help caring your pet?

We will help you find the best possible personal care for your dog's so that you can concentrate on work or fully relax while you are away.

DOG Walking

We provide solo walks and group walking with a personal approach. Your dog's safety and happiness comes before anything.

Doggy Day Care

Premium daycare service with limited spaces for small/medium dogs. Mental stimulation and physical engagement throughout the day.

Dog Boarding

Personalized dog boarding service similar to pet hotel but 24 hours care. We are passionate about offering an exceptional stay for your dog.

Cat Sitting

Cats prefer their own place, we visit your feline friend and give love and care while you're away. Feed and give fresh water, clean the litter box, playtime or petting.

Dog Walking - Daycare - Boarding

If you own a dog, he's probably a part of your family and someone you hold very dear to you, even if you are not at home all the time, he makes life easier for you with his cheerful disposition and the unconditional love he offers to every member of your household. When your dog needs attention, and every member of the family is out is not uncommon to hire someone else to take care of him. As good caretakers, we put a great deal of effort into looking out for your dog.

We can take him to his favorite locations to take a walk, and stretch his legs. While anyone can do this, we really love dogs, as we are pet owners ourselvs. We also offer additional services to make your pup feel like the king of the hill in your absence. Our pet care services are including individual and group walking, dog day care, boarding, puppy training, cat sitting and even transportation if you need.


Premium Services For Your Dog

We are your one stop pet care service you would need in Chelsea, London.

adventure in the park

Adventure in the Hyde Park

home based doggy daycare

Home based doggy day care

cat sitting in Chelsea

Cat sitting with a personal touch

group dog walking in Chelsea

Solo and group dog walking