What type of walks do you offer?
We provide individual walks for dogs who needs more attention and group walks for those who are perfect in a pack and needs more socialisation. You can choose from 30 minutes or 1 hour long walks.

How many dogs do you walk in a group?
Our groups are limited to three dogs, mostly same sized.

Do you offer meet & greet?
Of course, we provide a free introductional meeting, so you can get to know more about us, before starting to work together.

Which areas do you cover?
For dog walking, we work mostly in Chelsea and Kensington. If you need boarding or daycare, we are able to pick up your dog in other areas of London too.

How do I make a booking?
Just call, text or email us with your request. We'll get back to you to confirm whether we have a space available for your dog.

How do you collect my dog?
Most of our clients give us a set of key, so we have access to your home.

Do you walk dogs off the lead?
For the safety of our dogs, we always use leads.

What food do you give during daycare and boarding?
We can use your dog's own food or we have premium brands for an additional fee.

Will I work with the same walker?
Absolutely, your dog will see the same friendly face every time!

Can you fee my dog?
Of course it's not a problem. We can feed your dog according to your instructions.

Do you work on public holidays or weekends?
Sure, we can take care pets on weekends and even on holidays for an additional fee.

Are you insured?
Yes, Chelsea Pet Care is fully insured by Protectivity Insurance.

What payment method do you accept?
Chelsea Pet Care offers cash, bank transfer and paypal payment.

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