"My dog Bailey suffers from separation anxiety so he hates being let alone and tends to be very destructive. I used to leave him alone during working hours and a dog walker walked him once a day but due to his separation anxiety he destroyed my flat all the time. It was a nightmare! I'm so happy that I found Chelsea Pet Care!! Bailey has been enjoying doggy daycare for months and he is happier, calmer, I get him back every evening Mon-Fri, when I get home from work so he can't destroy anything. Now I have a happier dog and my flat is in a good condition so win-win! Couldn't be happier! Chelsea Pet Care is highly recommended!!" - Gemma from Chelsea

"I have a sweet Cavalier Spaniel called Queenie. She has a very good nature and she loves everyone. I'm a first time dog owner and got her when she was 2 months old. I didn't have a heart to leave her alone while I was at work, especially because she was so small and I was scared she could chew and eat things in my flat or accidentally hurt herself and she is a companion dog so she loves being around people and other dogs and I wanted her to be socialised. Decided to find daycare for her. I'm so glad, I found Chelsea Pet Care! Best choice ever! They take very good care of my Queenie! She has been going for doggie daycare for months. My dog is happy, she always waggs her tail when they come to pick her up in the mornings, so I know that they love her so much! I also get photo updates of her and that makes me so happy! Thank you for the lots of attention and love that Queenie gets! X" - Katie from Chelsea

"I work in an office and usually I have to stay there for long hours, sometimes I have to go for business trips too. Needed to find a solution for my dog Ruby. A friend recommended Chelsea Pet Care and it was the best choice! Ruby likes going for doggy daycare, everyone loves her there! She is a relaxed and happy dog. They walk her a lot and play with her. What else could she ask for?! Thank you so much for everything!" Highly recommended!" - Monica from Chelsea

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